Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year's Poem.....LMFAO!!!!!!

Christmas is over 
Thank jeebus for that!
Since now it is time To 
throw some shots back 

Jimmy and Johnny, 
Jack and Jose, 
They take all my clothes off, 
But what can I say?

Order me doubles, 
No chasers please 
If you drink like a pussy, 
you cant hang with me 

I'll act like a bimbo 
I'll think I can sing, 
I'll boss the whole dance 
floor Like it aint no thing 
I'll grab on some titties, 
I'll squeeze tons of ass 
I'll rub on those dicks, 
with my double wide ass 

But sooner or later 
Theyll fuck up my vibe, 
They'll cut off my drinks 
and say I cant drive 
Well fuck all you bitches,
I'll just go puke Before 
I pass out On some 
random old dude.

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