Friday, December 13, 2013

How “I” Peel A Potato.....An Original from yours truely.....

Some people have quick tricks on how to peel potatoes in 10 seconds, but I am going to tell you how I peel a potato. First I go into the kitchen, grab the hand soap, and turn on the sink. I squirt soap into my hand, wash my hands, rinse them, and then turn the water off. I grab a paper towel, dry my hands, and then put the towel in the trash. I then go into the cupboard. Open the door, pull out the bag of potatoes, and put the bag onto the counter.  I untwist the twist tie, and then I open the bag. Once the bag is open, I pull out the desired amount of potatoes from the bag, and I place them into the sink. I twist the bag back shut, re-twist the tie onto the bag, and pick up the bag. I put it back into the cupboard. Next I close the cabinet, walk back to the sink, and turn on the faucet again.  I grab the brush, and I scrub the potatoes, one by one, making sure I get them completely clean.  I go grab my big bowl, off the top of the refrigerator, return to the sink, turn off the water.  I Pick up each potato, and put them into the big bowl. I open the knife drawer, grab a paring knife, and then place it into the bowl. Once all that is complete I walk into the living room. I tell my husband that I’m done washing the potatoes. Then I bat my eyes and smile at him all along listening to him say, “I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to do this and do it the right way.” I explain to him that even when I try really hard. I still peel half the potato off with its skin, and I would hate to waist food. Besides, I’m not nearly as good at it as he is. After that, I move to the side to let him enter into the kitchen, and I smile at him again. Telling him thank you and I love him so very much. His response is always, “Yeah, yeah whatever, move it or lose it woman.” Then I go into the living room sit on the couch. As I sit basking in my own glory I generally listen to him sing while he is standing over the sink peeling the potatoes, and I wait for him to tell me he is finished. Now that is how “I” peel a potato.

 By Rocheal Strong


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